About Us

We are a UK based social enterprise that believes in the power of music to support health and wellbeing. Our vision is Music and Health in Harmony. For Everyone.

LifeTracks® and Memory Tracks® are care platforms that link music to daily care tasks and activities for people with cognitive challenges, or neuro diversity.

LifeTracks® supports a range of neuro diverse challenges by enabling musical prompts as notifications to support healthy routines, support positive behaviour change and increase uptake of medication and wellbeing activities.

Memory Tracks® is our app focused on supporting the care of people living with dementia and uses song-task-association at the point-of-care to lower agitation, make care easier and more effective, foster connections, encourage social engagement and support independent living.

Both apps use musical triggers to connect memorable songs via sensors, behaviours or routines, to tasks and activities that need to be carried out. The application helps to trigger memory, manage mood, assist with care, and support important daily routines through the power of song-task association.

Memory Tracks® and LifeTracks® also tackle aspects of loneliness and isolation and create 'moments-of-joy'.

All the songs are licensed through PRS for Music OLE-0000031399 Music on Demand (Standard).

The potential of song-task-association came to Gordon when he was working with a US home care tech client, and with his daughter Fabia, a musician, on her final year University dissertation: Linking memorable songs to daily routines to help those with dementia live more independent lives. LifeTracks is a natural progression of the platform to support more people in their quest for improved mental health and wellbeing. 

Find out how LifeTracks and MemoryTracks can help you or someone you know.


Gordon Anderson

Founder and CEO

Expert in product development, and market entry. After an early career in the music business with the major record labels, he went to help establish the BBC’s commercial entertainment software division. Following a decade in disruptive start-ups across mobile, smart home and entertainment, launching successful apps, Gordon set up his own business consultancy to help start-up tech businesses establish within Europe.

Paresh Shah

Finance Lead

Paresh Shah is the financial expert on the team, with experience in venture capital and manufacturing. Paresh and Gordon worked together on new business funding in the early 2000’s. Paresh is a certified account and is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has an MBA from the Manchester Business School.

Mark Brill

Operation Lead

The operations lead in the business, along with marketing, user design and UX. Mark was a pioneer of mobile communications and ran his own SMS business for many years. He has most recently focused on emerging technologies; wearables, VR, holographic projection and artificial intelligence. Mark is a Senior Lecturer in Future Media at BCU, and also Lecturer at UCA.

Fabia Anderson

Musician in Residense

Fabia wrote the original research at Liverpool Hope University that became the background to Memory Tracks.

A composer, performer, singing teacher, and Musical Director, Fabia has used music in many forms of social therapy.

Advisors and Supporters

Lance Phillips

Lance is a Partner at Sheridan’s Law, working across the firm’s music, media and interactive departments and has been advising Memory Tracks on music licensing and the impact of different business models on the cost of licensing. Originally as part of the UnLtd mentoring programme, Lance has continued to support the Memory Tracks and LifeTracks mission of using music to support better health. 

Andy Hill

Andy is a Chairman of Startle International a company that provides innovative music and technology services to businesses from flexible background music systems to integrated digital signage. Andy’s support on song sourcing and licensing in the UK and US has been invaluable. Our songs are all sourced through Andy's business 'I Like Music'. 

Thanks also to our design and development partners:

​Code Experts: Adnan, Owais, Asim, Syed and the team. 

Futurilla Design: Rob and Andy

Our terrific freelancers

Peng Jiang, Phil Blandford, Wasiq Chaudhry, Theo Scott, Jelmer Heijligers.