Your LifeTracks remind you to do the important things in life, one song at a time

Your Life On Track !

LifeTracks harnesses the power of music to support people who want to improve their health and mental wellbeing. The personalised app connects memorable songs to needs, tasks, or activities, through a process we call 'song-task-association'. LifeTracks can be used in many different situations to support cognitive conditions, physical or mental well-being. 

Reach your life goals with the support of memorable music

Reach Life Goals

Every Step Makes Progress

Complete key tasks, plan ahead and measure your progress. Keep to positive routines and 'get stuff done!'

Improve Focus

Recall & Complete Tasks

Reduce forgetfulness and improve attention to detail. Finish tasks, organise better and achieve more.

Live Well

Look After Yourself Better

Increase regular activity, drink more water, eat more fruit and cut out snacking! You will feel better!

Boost Wellbeing

Well Done You! 

Planning yor days better will reduce irritability, remind you to reward yourself, and keep moving forward.

Coming Soon! LifeTracks with the 14-day free trial!

Only £8.99 a month after your trial.